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Cup Warmer S


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Pre-Warmed Cups - For the Ultimate Coffee Experience 

If the freshly prepared coffee flows into a cold cup, it immediately removes up to 10 degrees of heat from the drink. The coffee aroma can only fully develop in the cup if it is pre-warmed to the right temperature. 


The Cup Warmer S from JURA offers a practical and compact solution to that problem. The Cup Warmer S offers the ideal addition to every fully automatic machine, keeping the inside of the cups at a constant temperature of approx. 55 ° C. 

Simple Design - Clever and Space-Efficient 

With a size of only 13.9 x 19.9 x 25.8 cm, the cup warmer S can easily be placed anywhere. A simple toggle of the on / off button makes the simple but elegant companion of every fully automatic machine ready for use in no time.


Optimal Use of Storage Space

The capacity of the cup warmer S is ideal for use in the household and offers space for either 8 espresso (Ø 57 mm), 6 coffee (Ø 66 mm) or 4 cappuccino cups (Ø 90 mm).

Ideal Temperature

The cup warmer S keeps the inside of the cups at a constant temperature of approx. 55 ° C. A lid prevents heat loss and saves energy. Thanks to the optimally preheated cup, coffee specialties from fiery espresso to creamy cappuccino are more aromatic than ever.

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