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Service Terms and Conditions

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 Service Cost Breakdown:


Service / Repair Level Machine Classifications


Compact Luxury






All JURA machines with 20,000+ cups since last repair

Level 1

(30 day warranty)








 Level 2

(Includes Service Level 1)

$295.00 $395.00 $495.00

Level 3

(Machines with 6,000+ cups since last repair or 6+ years old - Includes Service Level 1)

$395.00 $595.00 $695.00

Estimate to be provided by JURA service prior to repair




Machine Classifications:


Compact Luxury


Mid-Range Premium
A1| D6 | ENA Micro 1| ENA 4 A9 | ENA Micro 9 | ENA Micro 90 | E6 | E8 | F7 | F8 S8 | J6 | J9 | J90 | J8 | Z6 | Z8 | Z9 | Z10 | GIGA 5 | GIGA 6 | GIGA 10

*Models/not all parts available:

ENA 5 | ENA 7 | ENA 8 | ENA 9

*Models/not all parts available:

C9 | C90 | F70 | F9 | F50

*Models/not all parts available:

Z5 | S70 | S90 | S95 | S8 | J5



Service/Repair - Level 1:

All labour required to maintain your coffee machine, including small wear parts (such as O-rings). If parts need to be replaced following the inspection, an estimate will be provided.
  1. Entry diagnostic
  2. Cleaning & Descaling
  3. Verification of coffee quality and parameters
  4. Inspection of the following points:
    • Hydraulic system for leaks
    • Cleaning
    • Wear of parts
    • Flowmeter cleaning
    • Water inlet circuit and replacement of the water tank seal
    • Brew unit cleaning
    • Grinder cleaning and calibration
    • Coffee spout
    • Milk system
  5. Software update
  6. Control of machine operation (with coffee tests)
  7. Verification of all products
  8. Exit diagnostic
  9. External cleaning


Service/Repair - Level 2 and 3:

 All the internal parts and labour required to service/repair your coffee machine.

  1. Full service as performed with Service/Repair Level 1
  2. Troubleshooting of the problem, part(s) replacement, repair, and testing




An additional charge of 20% will be added for units opened by unauthorized persons.

A warranty after service of 12 months will apply only to parts replaced during repair. The external machine parts and transportation cost will be charged in addition to fixed service cost.

Warranty on machines does not cover problems arising from accidental damage, negligence, power surge, water or fire, improper ventilation, or misuse, or any cause that is beyond the control of JURA.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Service includes:

  • Entry computer diagnostic
  • Identification of the failure
  • Exchange of defect components
  • Decalcifying, cleaning, and testing of all functions
  • Exit diagnostic
  • Final cleaning

When it is possible for the service department to perform “Same Day” service an additional 20% charge will apply. The unit requiring service must arrive before 10 a.m.

Service Protection Plan

Customers may also purchase additional service protection following a service where all parts of the machine are covered under warranty.

  • One Year Full Protection Plan - $95.00
  • Two Year Full Protection Plan - $165.00

Warranty on new JURA machines

JURA Canada warranties apply to JURA machines purchased in Canada ONLY.

This limited warranty covers:

  • Home: All new JURA Home automatic coffee machines for 2 years or up to 6,000 coffee preparations , whichever comes first.
  • Professional: All new JURA Professional automatic coffee machines for 1 year (Professional series models WE8, X8, GIGA W3, GIGA X7, GIGA X8c, XJ9, XS90 OTC)

This warranty covers all defects in materials or workmanship (parts and labor).


The Customer is responsible for shipping cost when shipping to the JURA Hospitality Centre

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