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Faema Espresso Beans Promotion - Variety Pack 4kg

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For over half a century, Faema has crafted the finest espresso blends using select beans from plantations around the globe. The beans are skillfully blended and roasted to create a well-balanced full-body taste, intensity and aroma.

The Intenso blend of select African and South American beans yields a bold blend formulated to match the profile of authentic southern Italian style espresso. Has a pleasant intensity with a strong flavour and a smooth finish.

The Senza (Decaf) is a blend of select South American beans, decaffeinated with the all natural liquid carbon dioxide decaffeinated process. The process incorporates only water, to moisturize the bean to remove 99.99% of the caffeine, thus leaving the flavour of the untempered bean in its natural form.

The Tradizionale Blend is made from the very best beans from Central America, Indonesia and varietals from South America. The result is the perfect espresso with a hint of sweetness, thick crema and a smooth finish for exceptional espresso coffee. Be ready to taste some of the best coffee beans for espresso with our Tradizionale Blend.



Size: 4 x 1 Kg 


2 x 1kg Faema Traditional Espresso Bean Bags 

1 x 1kg Faema Intenso Espresso Bean Bags 

1 x 1kg Faema Senza Espresso Bean Bags 

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